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With Windows 7 and new designs, PCs looking better

(AP) -- Although no one waits in long lines for a new edition of Windows software anymore, the debut of Microsoft's latest operating system is part of why buying a PC is starting to feel fun for the first ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Software
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Grudgingly, young people finally flock to Twitter

(AP) -- They think it's pointless, narcissistic. Some don't even know what it is. Even so, more young adults and teens - normally at the cutting edge of technology - are finally coming around to Twitter, ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Internet
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Google CEO: Vast Web changes coming within 5 years

(AP) -- A Web where Chinese is the dominant language, and connections are so fast that distinctions between audio, video and text are blurred is perhaps just five years away, the head of Google said Wednesday.

dateOct 21, 2009 in Internet
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MySpace Music videos to appear on Facebook

(AP) -- Social-networking site MySpace is using its joint venture with recording companies to launch a music video service that will pop into millions of profiles at rival Facebook as well.

dateOct 21, 2009 in Internet
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