Archive: 09/21/2009

The vehicle industry must have a rethink

Despite the fact that the vehicle industry is currently described as an industry in crisis, there are high hopes that the development of future IT services for vehicles will drive development. However, for new technology ...

Sep 21, 2009
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Facebook to end Beacon tracking tool in settlement

(AP) -- Facebook is shutting down its much-maligned Beacon marketing program, launched nearly two years ago amid fanfare only to generate a storm of privacy complaints over tracking of user activities at ...

Sep 21, 2009
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Students design portable Braille label maker

( -- A device that started out as a class project last fall is moving rapidly toward becoming a commercial product that could make the lives of millions of visually impaired people a bit easier.

Sep 21, 2009
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Breaking language barriers in health care

( -- For someone with limited English, using typed medication directions instead of hand written directions can make a huge difference in understanding medical instructions.

Sep 21, 2009
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