Archive: 08/21/2004

Dynamic lighting system colors 3-D environments

An automatic lighting system that can speed up the development of interactive stories and videogames can enhance players' experiences, too, by adding more tension and emotion to a scene, says the Penn State researcher who ...

Aug 21, 2004
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LCD Panel Prices Slide

iSuppli/Stanford Resources published a report on LCD panel prices. Prices for large-sized LCD panels for notebooks and LCD monitors have begun declining this month, bringing an end to a five-quarter period of ...

Aug 21, 2004
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Apple Recalls Flaming 15-inch PowerBook G4 Battery

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities, Apple is voluntarily recalling certain lithium ion rechargeable batteries that were sold worldwide ...

Aug 21, 2004
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