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The supernova that just won't fade away

Scientists have found that a star that exploded in 1979 is as bright today in X-ray light as it was when it was discovered years ago, a surprise finding because such objects usually fade significantly after ...

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Physicists create a 'perfect' way to study the Big Bang

Physicists have created the state of matter thought to have filled the Universe just a few microseconds after the big bang and found it to be different from what they were expecting. Instead of a gas, it is more like a liquid. ...

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'Tall' crystals from tiny templates

Achieving a first in the world of novel optical materials, researchers at the U. S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory are making 3-D photonic band gap crystals four millimeters square (approximately ...

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Baidu decision a win for IPR

Intellectual-property rights scored a small victory Wednesday when state media reported, a Chinese search engine, agreed to remove links to sites selling pirated music.

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Emerging markets pushing cell-phone growth

Cell phones no longer are rare status symbols in developing countries. In fact, mobile-handset manufacturers worldwide should be looking to emerging markets for the bulk of their sales in the near future, an industry analysis ...

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Space Tourism: The Road Ahead

When will space flight trips into Earth orbit be as safe and routine as flights on commercial planes today? Michel Van Pelt's 'Space Tourism' looks at the technological challenges that still need to be overcome. Principally ...

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