Archive: 21/04/2008

Ariane 5 - second launch of 2008

Yesterday evening, an Ariane 5 ECA launcher lifted off from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana on its mission to place two telecommunications satellites into geostationary transfer orbits.

dateApr 21, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Pathogen virulence proteins suppress plant immunity

Researchers from the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech and their colleagues have identified a key function of a large family of virulence proteins that play an important role in the production of infectious ...

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Boys in the Hood

When first responders and security guards came to the DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s “Tell Us What You Need” table, heading their list was an emergency escape hood worthy of James Bond: a “one size fits ...

dateApr 21, 2008 in Other
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