Archive: 04/21/2006

Researchers Discover How Mosquitoes Use Blood to Reproduce

A University of California, Riverside research team has uncovered how a female mosquito’s first blood meal triggers its reproductive system to produce eggs, a finding which could lead someday to new ways ...

Apr 21, 2006
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Asia, U.S. high on spam-relaying report

Asia has the worst record for helping to relay spam, according to a new report from a computer threat solution management firm. Abingdon, U.K.-based company Sophos released a report Thursday that looks at "spam ...

Apr 21, 2006
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Captive Electrons

Let’s imagine a really small country - say, Liechtenstein - won the World Cup of soccer. It would be quite a sensation. But how’s this for a sensation: what if the soccer ball, in the middle of the match, ...

Apr 21, 2006
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Study says few prisoners contract HIV

A study refutes the widely held perception that blames U.S. prisons for the spread of the AIDS epidemic, saying very few prisoners acquire the virus.

Apr 21, 2006
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Wireless World: 'Black hole' of convergence

For decades, it seems, esteemed techno-sages have been touting the coming of "convergence." Personal computers were said to be poised to merge with home stereo systems -- back in the 1980s. Then set-top boxes were said to ...

Apr 21, 2006
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How The Octopus Forms An Elbow

The octopus arm is extremely flexible. Thanks to this flexibility--the arm is said to possess a virtually infinite number of "degrees of freedom"--the octopus is able to generate a vast repertoire of movements that is unmatched ...

Apr 21, 2006
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