Archive: 03/21/2006

Phagocytosis study: surprising discovery

University of California-Santa Barbara scientists say they've made a surprising discovery: phagocytosis depends more on particle shape than size.

Mar 21, 2006
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UF researchers study TB epidemic

University of Florida and Indian scientists are studying a protein they believe might help protect against tuberculosis and give patients an easier recovery.

Mar 21, 2006
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Amazon rainforest grows best in dry season

University of Arizona scientists say they've made a surprising discovery: the undisturbed Amazon rainforest grows best during the dry season

Mar 21, 2006
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Manipulating cell receptor alters behavior

University at Buffalo and University of Pennsylvania scientists say two intracellular events from the same cell receptor can provoke varying behaviors.

Mar 21, 2006
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Homeland Security network gets an F

If the Department of Homeland Security were a high school student, it would be in severe danger of getting left back. For the second consecutive year the department has received a failing grade from the House Government Reform ...

Mar 21, 2006
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Wine With a Double Shot of Vitamin C?

Genetically designed grapes with elevated levels of vitamin C may be more than wishful thinking, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis, and the University of Adelaide, Australia, who ...

Mar 21, 2006
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Spitzer Sees 9 Billion Years Back in Time

Astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have conducted a cosmic safari to seek out a rare galactic species. Their specimens - clusters of galaxies in the very distant universe - are few and far between, ...

Mar 21, 2006
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Significant Progress in Flexible Display Nanoresearch Announced

Advance Nanotech, Inc., today announced significant findings in a research project exploring new techniques for powering flexible displays. The project, a collaboration with the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics ...

Mar 21, 2006
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Stanford professor hopes to mimic the brain on a chip

Microchips that function as the brain does or see like our eyes do were once consigned to an unrealized world of flying cars and robot housekeepers. Thanks, in part, to a Stanford researcher, such "neuromorphic" ...

Mar 21, 2006
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Warbling whales speak a language all their own

The songs of the humpback whale are among the most complex in the animal kingdom. Researchers have now mathematically confirmed that whales have their own syntax that uses sound units to build phrases that ...

Mar 21, 2006
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WiFi reaches U.K. buses

Bus riders in the United Kingdom can say good-bye to Internet woes now that they can still be connected.

Mar 21, 2006
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Russian surveys continental shelf borders

Russian Defense Ministry officials say they are considering using nuclear-powered submarines to survey Russia's continental shelf borders in the Arctic.

Mar 21, 2006
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