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Siemens SP65 - a premium business class mobile phone

Today the Communications Group at Siemens, announced the launch of the high performance SP65 business class mobile phone. The handset has been specifically tailored for business professionals who seek a premium ...

Mar 21, 2005
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Love at first … smell

Why do some males smell better than others? Scientists at Cardiff University, in collaboration with colleagues at Max-Plank Society, Germany – and the help of stickleback fish - have identified the chemical responsible. ...

Mar 21, 2005
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Researchers pursue blast-resistant steel using new tomograph

Materials scientists and engineers at Northwestern University are developing a new "high-security" steel that would be resistant to bomb blasts such as the one that struck -- and nearly sank -- the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000. ...

Mar 21, 2005
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MICE neutrino experiment

In the quest to unravel the characteristics of the mysterious neutrino particle, millions of which pass through us undetected every day, scientists from several international universities have joined forces with UK research ...

Mar 21, 2005
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Why colonize the Moon before going to Mars?

by Trudy E. Bell, Dr. Tony Phillips NASA has a new Vision for Space Exploration: in the decades ahead, humans will land on Mars and explore the red planet. Brief visits will lead to longer stays and, maybe o ...

Mar 21, 2005
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Nokia 6680 3G imaging smartphone starts shipping

Nokia today announced that it has started deliveries of the Nokia 6680, introduced just one month ago at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France. Optimized for visual sharing, the Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone ...

Mar 21, 2005
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Europe, India Cooperate for India's Moon Mission

On 17 March the ESA Council, at its meeting in Paris, unanimously approved a cooperation agreement between ESA and the Indian Space Research Organisation for India’s first moon mission – Chandrayaan-1. The Indian Spa ...

Mar 21, 2005
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