Archive: 21/01/2011

DNA detectives in the Viking North West

The Vikings are alive and well and living in the North West of England! That’s the revelation in a new book on an epic research project into the genetic footprint of the Scandinavian invaders.

dateJan 21, 2011 in Evolution
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The human touch, in robots

In 2005, when Martin Saerbeck was studying computer science at Bielefeld University in Germany, he programmed a service robot called BIRON. Mounted with a pan-tilt camera on top, BIRON was able to follow a human pointing ...

dateJan 21, 2011 in Robotics
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ISS resupply from four corners of globe

A quick succession of international space supply trucks will arrive on the International Space Station’s loading docks early in 2011, dropping off more than 11 tons (10,000 kilograms) of food, computers, medical equipment ...

dateJan 21, 2011 in Space Exploration
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