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On track with the latest iTV moves

Demonstrating how truly interactive television can be, GMF4iTV’s system allows producers link rich media content to moving objects in normal TV programmes, changing telespectators from passive to active viewers. "The [GM ...

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Latest images of Titan Unveiled Today

On 14 January ESA's Huygens probe made an historic first ever descent to the surface of Titan, 1.2 billion kilometres from Earth and the largest of Saturn's moons. Huygens travelled to Titan as part of the ...

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UK scientists get a 'whiff' of Titan's surface

Further insights into Titan were unveiled today (21st January 2005) as scientists involved in the joint NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini-Huygens mission presented further results and images a week to the day after the successful desc ...

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The automobile of the future on the way

ROBOTIKER-TECNALIA Technological Centre is currently developing the project known as TANGER (Technologies for New Generation Automobiles). These technologies will integrate novel and innovative solutions into new automotive ...

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