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COROT surprises a year after launch

The space-borne telescope, COROT (Convection, Rotation and planetary Transits), has just completed its first year in orbit. The observatory has brought in surprises after over 300 days of scientific observations.

dateDec 20, 2007 in Astronomy
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Study says 2000 tigers possible in Thailand

Thailand’s Western Forest Complex – a 6,900 square mile (18,000 square kilometers) network of parks and wildlife reserves – can potentially support some 2,000 tigers, making it one of the world’s strongholds for these ...

dateDec 20, 2007 in
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The physiology of champions

What could be a greater test of the limits of human physiology than the Olympics? To mark the 2008 games in Beijing, the Journal of Physiology present a special issue focusing on the science behind human athleticism and endurance.

dateDec 20, 2007 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Northwest hospitals unprepared for chemical emergencies

Many hospitals in the northwest of England are ill-prepared to deal with a major chemical incident. According to a survey published in the online open access journal BMC Emergency Medicine. Two out of 18 hospitals in the ...

dateDec 20, 2007 in Other
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