Archive: 12/20/2006

It Is Too Early To Be Santa's Sleigh, Isn't It?

Astronomers at ESO's frontline Paranal Observatory got a surprise on the morning of 18 December when looking at the observatory's all-sky camera, MASCOT. For about 45 minutes in the early morning, an object ...

Dec 20, 2006
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Dinosaurs -- stones did not help with digestion

The giant dinosaurs had a problem. Many of them had narrow, pointed teeth, which were more suited to tearing off plants rather than chewing them. But how did they then grind their food? Until recently many researchers have ...

Dec 20, 2006
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Can Neutrons be Used in Quantum Computers?

“In quantum mechanics, you typically have arguments about locality and non-locality,” Yuji Hasegawa tells “But in our experiment we are testing correlation between degrees of freedom.”

Dec 20, 2006 feature
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Human-chimp difference may be bigger

Approximately 6 percent of human and chimp genes are unique to those species, report scientists from Indiana University Bloomington and three other institutions. The new estimate, reported in the inaugural ...

Dec 20, 2006
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