Archive: 12/20/2006

New game teaches energy conservation

U.S. engineers have designed a board game that teaches middle school children how their energy choices directly impact energy conservation.

Dec 20, 2006
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Singing for survival

It is well known that animals use song as a way of attracting mates, but researchers have found that gibbons have developed an unusual way of scaring off predators – by singing to them.

Dec 20, 2006
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Running on Microbes

What’s cleaner than coal, as renewable as solar energy and as ingenious as any of the cutting-edge alternative energy sources now being proposed for cars? The answer is microbe power, and if a USC team’s ...

Dec 20, 2006
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Ho! Ho! Huh? Researchers measure holiday spirit

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without the decorations. From a single wreath or child's picture of Santa taped to a window, to displays so elaborate that they can almost be seen from outer space, the festive season ...

Dec 20, 2006
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How blood flow dictates gene expression

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have pinpointed a key regulatory protein that translates blood flow into gene expression. The investigators showed that in a model of mouse embryonic ...

Dec 20, 2006
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Common gut microbes may contribute to obesity

A link between obesity and the microbial communities living in our guts is suggested by new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The findings indicate that our gut microbes are biomarkers, mediators ...

Dec 20, 2006
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