Archive: 11/20/2007

Study looks at sensing, movement and behavior

Driving down a country road at night your car’s headlights illuminate a deer in your path, and the creature doesn’t move. Depending on your speed and other conditions, chances are good you will hit the deer. And if you ...

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Nuclear desalination

New solutions to the ancient problem of maintaining a fresh water supply is discussed in a special issue of the Inderscience publication International Journal of Nuclear Desalination. With predictions that more than 3.5 bi ...

Nov 20, 2007 3.8 / 5 (5) 1

Like father, like son: Attractiveness is hereditary

Sexy dads produce sexy sons, in the insect world at least. While scientists already knew that specific attractive traits, from cricket choruses to peacocks’ tails, are passed on to their offspring, the heritability of attractiveness ...

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