Archive: 20/08/2009

KGB holds the answers to your questions

Ninty nine cents doesn't buy you much these days. Some fast food places still offer a burger, chicken or drink item for that price. Dollar Stores offer some really good bargains but they're going to charge you an extra penny ...

dateAug 20, 2009 in Other
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Neural networks mapped in dementia patients

Different types of dementia show dissimilar changes in brain activity. A network mapping technique described in the open access journal BMC Neuroscience has been applied to EEG data obtained from patients with Alzheimer's ...

dateAug 20, 2009 in Neuroscience
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Cornell makes cancer vaccine for clinical use

The Bioproduction Facility at Cornell University has produced the first batch of NY-ESO-1 recombinant protein—a cancer vaccine—that will be used in clinical trials for patients facing either ovarian cancer or melanoma. ...

dateAug 20, 2009 in Cancer
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