Archive: 06/20/2010

Nations divided over lifting ban on whale hunt

(AP) -- A showdown looms this week over the 25-year ban on commercial whaling: Should it be eased, which might mean fewer whales are killed? Or should it remain - leaving Japan, Norway and Iceland to hunt ...

Jun 20, 2010
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Telstra strikes $10B deal for Australia broadband

(AP) -- The government and Australia's largest telecommunications company announced a deal Sunday that clears a major hurdle to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's plans for a superfast national broadband network.

Jun 20, 2010
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'Brand China' takes aim at global electronics giants

After decades building its reputation as the go-to country for electronics manufacturers, China's intention to promote its own brands and produce the world's next Sony or Samsung was obvious during a massive ...

Jun 20, 2010
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