Archive: 04/20/2009

Study paints picture of collegiate mental health

(AP) -- Ever since campus counseling centers were established in the 1940s, college officials have known that the prevalence and severity of students' mental health problems were rising. They just didn't know by how much.

dateApr 20, 2009 in Health
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TI profit, revenue tumble on shrinking demand (Update)

(AP) -- Texas Instruments Inc. said Monday that first-quarter profit and revenue tumbled as competition heightened and demand for its chips shrank amid the recession, but the results still beat the company's own expectations ...

dateApr 20, 2009 in Business
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How cells change gears

Bioinformatics researchers from UC San Diego just moved closer to unlocking the mystery of how human cells switch from "proliferation mode" to "specialization mode." This computational biology work from the ...

dateApr 20, 2009 in Genetics
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