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'Nano-bumps' could help repair clogged blood vessels

Biomedical engineers at Purdue University have shown that "vascular stents" used to repair arteries might perform better if their surfaces contained "nano-bumps" that mimic tiny features found in living tissues. The researchers alr ...

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Signs Of Alien Asteroid Belt

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted what may be the dusty spray of asteroids banging together in a belt that orbits a star like our sun. The discovery offers astronomers a rare glimpse at a distant ...

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Digital flag furled for home networks

Fox Entertainment Group and IBM are working together on technology that will allow home networks to show copy-protected TV shows, while restricting the shows to their home market. Central to the issue is a broadcast "flag" ...

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Scientists Develop New Technology To Detect Cancer

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a breakthrough technology that identifies molecular markers in early lung cancer. The new technology, created in collaboration with SEQUENOM, developers of genetic ana ...

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