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McAfee signs cellular anti-virus deal

M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. and anti-virus giant McAfee signed a partnership agreement on Sunday that will protect the new MegaSIM from viruses.

Mar 20, 2006
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ISS crew makes room for their replacements

The International Space Station crew Monday moved their Soyuz craft to another dock to make room for their replacements, due to arrive at the end of March.

Mar 20, 2006
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'Quaero' becoming a reality

Nearly a year after its launch, the European multimedia search engine "Quaero" looks more like a high-tech reality than its critics had initially taken to be.

Mar 20, 2006
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High bills may put damper on mobile growth

Gone are the days when cell phones are used simply to make phone calls. For any trend-conscious user, having a built-in camera is de rigueur, while an MP3 player combined with the mobile phone is a must-have ...

Mar 20, 2006
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Court rules against Bush administration

A federal appeals court has overturned a clean-air regulation issued by the Bush administration, ruling in favor of environmental advocacy groups.

Mar 20, 2006
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Networking: 'Corridor Warriors'

They are called "corridor warriors." They're the 21st century's revised version of "road warriors," those late-20th-century business professionals, last seen scurrying about airports, with mobile phones attached to their ...

Mar 20, 2006
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Researchers find fat gene

Rutgers researchers have identified a gene – and the molecular function of its protein product – that provides an important clue to further understanding obesity and may point the way to new drugs to control fat metabolism.

Mar 20, 2006
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Behavioral studies show UV contributes to marsupial color vision

Work reported this week provides new evidence that marsupials, like primates, have functional color vision based on three different types of color photoreceptor cones--but unlike primates, a component of marsupial color vision ...

Mar 20, 2006
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New supercomputer design planned

Seattle-based Cray Inc., a manufacturer of high performance computers, announced Monday a radical design change for its supercomputers.

Mar 20, 2006
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Blackstar A False Messiah From Groom Lake

Many Space Cadets have gone gaga over the report in Aviation Week that the US military has developed a secret reusable spaceplane. It seemingly confirms a long-standing fantasy in the space community. For years a lot of ...

Mar 20, 2006
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Astronomers Find Origin Of Extreme-Helium Stars

Astronomers have determined the origin of a very unusual and rare type of star. New data indicate that extreme-helium stars, as they are called, form from the merger of two white dwarfs.

Mar 20, 2006
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