Archive: 01/20/2006

Stevens demands online porn rating system

In a week in which the Child Online Protection Act is back in the news, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, used a committee hearing Thursday to fire a warning toward the adult entertainment industry.

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Nano World: Gold nano vs. Alzheimer's

Gold particles only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide together with extremely weak microwaves can dissolve the abnormal protein clumps linked with Alzheimer's disease and potentially those linked with other degenerative ...

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Running Marathon in Space

Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur began his week Sunday by running a half-marathon on the station treadmill, supporting friends and colleagues running in the Houston Marathon. As he ran 220 miles above ...

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Microsoft China braces for Google

Analysts see Microsoft's announcement it was consolidating its Chinese R&D assets as a move preparing for increased competition from Google.

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