Archive: 12/2/2007

Lupus gene finding prompts call for more DNA samples

Wellcome Trust researchers have identified a key gene involved in the disease Lupus, which affects around 50,000 people in the UK, mostly women. The lead researcher behind the study has called for more patients to volunteer ...

dateDec 02, 2007 in Genetics
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Mutant sperm guide clinicians to new diseases

Research published today in Nature Genetics shows that some rearrangements of the human genome occur more frequently than previously thought. The work is likely to lead to new identification of genes involved in disease and to ...

dateDec 02, 2007 in Genetics
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A real attention grabber

The person you’re speaking with may be looking at you, but are they really paying attention? Or has the person covertly shifted their attention, without moving their eyes? Dr. Brian Corneil, of the Centre for Brain and ...

dateDec 02, 2007 in Medical research
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How cells keep in shape

Cells in our body come in various shapes and sizes. Each cell is shaped in such a way as to optimise it for a specific function. When things go wrong and a cell does not adopt its dedicated shape, its function ...

dateDec 02, 2007 in
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