Archive: 12/2/2005

Diarrhea germ may be more widespread

A diarrhea-causing germ that once contained in hospital patients has become widespread in the United States -- sometimes fatal, health officials said.

Dec 02, 2005
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Most online shopping done by a few

Do you ever get the feeling that just a few people are doing most of the online shopping? Well this looks to be true, reports analyst firm Nielsen//NetRatings, which released a survey Friday showing that the heaviest online ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Massachusetts may drop from CO2 pact

Massachusetts may drop out of pact that calls for freezing power plant carbon dioxide emissions at their current levels, state sources said.

Dec 02, 2005
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NJIT mathematician to study thin film science

Ever wonder how manufacturers produce the thinnest and finest materials for cell phone displays and even smaller electronic products? If so, you are entering the burgeoning new world of "thin film" science and the life work ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Facebook connecting more than students

The Facebook, the fashionable online college social directory, may be connecting more than fellow classmates. With the growing popularity of the Web site, and the sometimes controversial content on student's profiles, schools ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Samsung Develops Largest Flexible LCD Panel

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the world's largest transmissive TFT LCD (thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display), with sufficiently high resolution to display digital television ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Overfishing threatens inland waters, study concludes

Overfishing of inland waters is a neglected crisis, according to a team of freshwater ecologists and fishery scientists led by a University of Michigan professor. Although overfishing is widely recognized, freshwater species ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Taipei 101 may be causing earthquakes

Experts disagree on whether Taipei 101, the world's tallest building in Taipei, Taiwan, might be the cause of earthquakes.

Dec 02, 2005
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New species of diatom discovered

Lake Superior has a new native resident. It’s been hanging around the shore for years, but until now it was regarded as an intercontinental drifter, not a homegrown local. So say Rebecca Bixby of the University of Georgia ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Super-fast quantum search achieved with individual atoms

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been able to use a small quantum computer consisting of two atoms to do a super-fast data base search. This same system could someday be scaled to a much larger ...

Dec 02, 2005
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Research Urges Drivers to Put Down the Cell Phone

Many of us use our cell phones while driving. We try to be careful. We keep our eyes on traffic and try to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of us while we talk on the phone. There’s no harm, right? Two researchers ...

Dec 02, 2005
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