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Advance hastens practicality of superconductivity

Nobody completely understands superconductors. So fathom how James S. Schilling, Ph.D., led a team that makes the phenomenon work better. Schilling, a professor of physics in Arts & Sciences at Washington Un ...

Mar 02, 2006
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'Bringing together the best in Europe'

With the planned formation of a "European Institute of Technology" announced last week, the EU hopes to bring European innovation and knowledge back into the global picture. The institute, which is planned to be built by ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Xbox 360: Roundup and Review

In the ensuing war of the third-generation video-game consoles, Microsoft launched the first volley this past November with the release of its Xbox 360. Despite ample publicity, the Xbox 360 has come under scrutiny. A much-hyped launch fell short of meeting demand with limi ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Magnetic Fields Sculpt Narrow Jets From Dying Star

Molecules spewed outward from a dying star are confined into narrow jets by a tightly-wound magnetic field, according to astronomers who used the National Science Foundation's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) ...

Mar 02, 2006
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The Evolution Of Right And Left Handedness

A study from the April issue of Current Anthropology explores the evolution of handedness, one of few firm behavioral boundaries separating humans from other animals. "The predominant right-handedness of humans has been noted ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Foam Issues Still Dog Shuttle Launch

Potential problems with the insulating foam covering the main fuel tank continue to occupy a great deal of time for and attention by NASA's space shuttle mission managers enough so that the orbiter's prospects ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Ecosystem In Suspended Animation

Deeply buried ocean sediments may house populations of tiny organisms that have extremely low maintenance energy needs and population turnover rates of anywhere from 200 to 2,000 years, according to an international team ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Early Andean maize is unearthed

Archaeologists say they've found evidence that ancient Peruvians grew maize more than a millennium earlier than previously thought.

Mar 02, 2006
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Group: Don't rebury Hawaiian artifacts

Artifacts found in a Hawaiian lava tube should be put on display and studied, not buried, a group of native Hawaiians said Thursday.

Mar 02, 2006
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Budget divides Indian IT down the middle

A day after the local IT hardware industry uncorked the bubbly for receiving unprecedented sops from the Indian 2006 Budget that gave local manufacturing a fillip, it appears that it would have the spend the next few months ...

Mar 02, 2006
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Bird flu spreads to Switzerland

A British laboratory has reportedly confirmed the H5N1 strain of avian flu has spread to Switzerland.

Mar 02, 2006
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