Archive: 2/02/2007

To the Edge of Melting

Picking a relatively simple system, SLAC scientists and their collaborators used advanced tools to see the very first instants of change in a solid brought to the edge of melting. Their results appear in the February 2 issue ...

dateFeb 02, 2007 in General Physics
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Professor on the scent of the world's smelliest flower

A University of Sussex biochemist will brave the stench of the world's smelliest - and largest - flower, the Titan arum, when he gives a series of public lectures about the plant's special heat-producing properties.

dateFeb 02, 2007 in
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Report: Human activity fuels global warming

Today's release of a widely anticipated international report on global warming coincides with a growing clamor within the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the potentially devastating consequences ...

dateFeb 02, 2007 in Environment
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Erupting mud volcano

University of Aberdeen research supports the suggestion that the eruption of the Indonesian mud volcano Lusi, which has been erupting for more than 200 days, was caused by drilling for hydrocarbons.

dateFeb 02, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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