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Asleep at the wheel

Driver fatigue is a common cause of road accidents. A new system warns drowsy drivers before it’s too late. At the Vehicle Interaction Lab, researchers are studying in a virtual environment how best to design ...

Jan 02, 2005
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How the brain tunes out odors

Immersed as we are in a sea of smells, how is it we're not continually overwhelmed with fair or foul odors until we actively inhale a rose or sniff the milk for a hint of sourness? University of California, Ber ...

Jan 02, 2005
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Galactic Fireworks

Astronomers at Gemini Observatory are ushering in the New Year with a striking image that dazzles the eye with stellar pyrotechnics. The image of the face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6946 is ablaze with a colourful gal ...

Jan 02, 2005
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The Science behind the Aceh Earthquake

Kerry Sieh, the Robert P. Sharp Professor of Geology at the California Institute of Technology and a member of Caltech's Tectonics Observatory, has conducted extensive research on both the Sumatran fault and ...

Jan 02, 2005
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