Archive: 12/19/2007

The appeal of the underdog

In a series of studies, researchers Joseph A. Vandello, Nadav P. Goldschmied, and David A. R. Richards (of the University of South Florida) tested the scope of people’s support for those who are expected to lose, seeking ...

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Nylon reveals its antibiotic powers

Nylon, we know, is incredibly versatile, strong and resilient. Now, it may be possible to add antibiotic powers to the list of qualities for the wonder synthetic material.

Dec 19, 2007 4.6 / 5 (23) 0

Size doesn't matter to fighting fiddler crabs

A person’s home may be their castle and in the world of the fiddler crabs having the home advantage makes it a near certainty that you’ll win a battle against an intruder – regardless of your opponent’s size.

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