Archive: 19/11/2009

Many pregnant women avoid HIV screening in Africa

'Prevention is the best cure' is a common expression, but what happens if preventative measures are not used? A large proportion of pregnant Ugandan women are going out of their way not to be HIV tested, increasing the risk ...

dateNov 19, 2009 in HIV & AIDS
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Building the smart home wirelessly

Like the paperless office, the smart home has been a long time coming, but a report published in the International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology, suggests that radio tags coupled with mobile communications devices ...

dateNov 19, 2009 in Engineering
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Let them eat snail

A nutritionist in Nigeria says that malnutrition and iron deficiency in schoolchildren could be reduced in her country by baking up snail pie. In a research paper to be published in the International Journal of Food Safety, ...

dateNov 19, 2009 in Health
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