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I.Coast toxic dump 'still claiming lives'

Three years after a ship dumped toxic waste in Ivory Coast, residents of a village off the main city of Abidjan are still traumatised by untimely deaths they say are linked to poisoning.

dateSep 19, 2009 in Environment
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NREL Team Tests Higher Ethanol Fuel Mix

( -- Going on a diet can be good for you. And maybe a gasoline "diet" of traditional fuel blended with increased levels of ethanol will be good for the environment and economy without hurting cars ...

dateSep 19, 2009 in Energy & Green Tech
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Microsoft CEO Ballmer's salary up 4 percent in '09

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. raised CEO Steve Ballmer's salary by 4 percent at the start of fiscal 2009, a year in which the software maker's profit declined 17 percent as the economic meltdown decimated personal ...

dateSep 19, 2009 in Business
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Feds balk at Google book deal, hopes for changes

(AP) -- The U.S. Justice Department advised a federal judge Friday that a proposed legal settlement giving Google Inc. the digital rights to millions of out-of-print books threatens to thwart competition ...

dateSep 19, 2009 in Internet
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