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Networking: Managing assets -- digitally

The networking of digital asset management (DAM) systems is the latest technology trend for the creative industries -- publishing, advertising and entertainment -- and is improving overall corporate performance there.

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Japan technology's focus shift to dreams

A dog that can sniff out whether his owner is feeling under the weather or not? A T-shirt that allows the wearer's intestines to be in full view so that an X-ray is no longer necessary? Or an elevator that connects the planet ...

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Molecular Needles

Carbon nanotubes inject antimycotics into cells and increase their effectiveness Putting pharmaceutical agents into the body isn't hard, but getting them into targeted areas can be problematic. If drugs aren't taken up by a ...

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Nokia 6630 Music Edition

Nokia today announced the Nokia 6630 Music Edition, a special music version of the iconic 3G smartphone. The Nokia 6630 Music Edition has been designed with enhanced music functionality to make it convenient ...

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