Archive: 07/19/2006

Making Hair Realistic in Computer Animation

Poets and novelists often describe hair as "shining" or "shimmering." Dark hair has a "sheen"; blond hair "glows." All this comes about because of the complex scattering of incident light off of individual ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Study: Predators bind ecosystems together

An international team of scientists published a theoretical analysis this week, positing that complex ecosystems are held together by their top predators.

Jul 19, 2006
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Internet businesses promote Net neutrality

Internet businesses are expressing concern over the government's lack of interest in Net neutrality. With the Telecommunications Act under way, these businesses and the public in general are fearful of the absence of Net ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Scientists Discover a Genetic Code for Organizing DNA

DNA – the long, thin molecule that carries our hereditary material – is compressed around protein scaffolding in the cell nucleus into tiny spheres called nucleosomes. The bead-like nucleosomes are strung along the entire ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Sending quantum information over long distances

Ever since the idea of quantum communication was proposed, scientists have considered quantum communication systems as completely separate from classical communication systems. However, an international group of scientists ...

Jul 19, 2006 feature
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Intel to debut Core 2 Duo chips in August

Despite the inevitable complaints and grumbling from some quarters, change is a necessary thing -- especially in the microprocessor industry. This August, Intel will release the Intel Core 2 series of chips. ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Scientists decode how plants avoid sunburn

Too much sun – for plants as well as people – can be harmful to long-term health. But to avoid the botanical equivalent of “lobster tans,” plants have developed an intricate internal defense mechanism called photoprotection, ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Drinking can be dangerous

People who drink alcohol are up to four times more likely than non-drinkers to be hurt from physical injuries such as a fall or punch, new research shows. The University of Queensland study found any alcohol consumption quadrupled ...

Jul 19, 2006
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Bush vetoes stem cell research proposal

President Bush did as promised Wednesday, issuing the first veto of his 5 1/2 years in office, rejecting an embryonic stem cell research bill.

Jul 19, 2006
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