Archive: 06/19/2006

Tech File: Pinnacle Systems

Jeff Hastings, general manager for Pinnacle Systems, spoke with Tech File about his company and the current digital-video-editing industry.

dateJun 19, 2006 in Software
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Finding a better way to make biodiesel

They're only 250 billionths of a meter in diameter. But fill them with the right chemistry and Iowa State scientists say the tiny nanospheres they've developed could revolutionize how biodiesel is produced.

dateJun 19, 2006 in Energy & Green Tech
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Spammers take advantage of World Cup

The World Cup is a field day for beer advertisers, travel agents, and now, it seems, junk e-mailers: soccer spam has popped up in almost every language.

dateJun 19, 2006 in Internet
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Teenage and 60-year-old mums are consequences of evolution

Before society criticises teenage girls for having sex behind the bike sheds and becoming pregnant, or women in their 60s for seeking IVF treatment, it is important to consider fertility not just in terms of the 21st century ...

dateJun 19, 2006 in
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Mapping a glacial path of destruction

The dangerous power of glacial outburst floods - or jokulhlaups - will be easier to predict thanks to new models developed by a Leeds researcher and presented at the International Glaciological Society symposium in Iceland ...

dateJun 19, 2006 in Earth Sciences
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