Archive: 05/19/2008

Antibodies in the brain

Each of us carries an unbelievable multitude of antibodies, allowing us to survive the daily battle against pathogens. However, sometimes these antibodies go haywire and attack structures of their own body, ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in Medical research
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DNA clues to reproductive behaviour

A species of wild yeast goes through a cycle of sexual reproduction once in every 1,000 asexual generations, according to new research by Imperial biologists published in the PNAS journal in April.

dateMay 19, 2008 in
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Children's gardens mushrooming

Researchers have discovered the secrets to enhancing youth participation in school- and community-based garden programs. A 3-year study entitled “Greener Voices” proves that children will engage in learning ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in Other
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Cancer drug may help patients with heart-lung disease

A drug developed to fight cancer is showing early promise as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension, researchers from the University of Chicago Medical Center report May 19 at the American Thoracic Society International Conference ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in Cancer
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