Archive: 19/05/2006

UQ research opens up new ways of communicating

While guidebooks may be a traveller's best friend when exploring new and unusual places, sometimes they fall short in providing up to date information. But a University of Queensland PhD student is hoping his research could ...

dateMay 19, 2006 in Internet
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Workers Get Paid More When They Work For Powerful CEOs

For workers at publicly held companies, it literally pays to have a very powerful boss. A new study found that entrenched CEOs – those who have more control rights in their company than all other shareholders combined -- ...

dateMay 19, 2006 in Other
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Globe Talk: Money power vs. the NSA

Outraged that some telecom companies are selling out their customers to the government? Then vote with your wallet, or so argues one activist group. But the seemingly good idea may be rather difficult to follow through.

dateMay 19, 2006 in Telecom
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