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Salazar reviews 'midnight' endangered species rule

(AP) -- U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he will make a decision in the coming weeks on whether to overturn a controversial Bush administration regulation that limits the reach of the Endangered Species ...

Apr 19, 2009
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Sweden: hundreds protest Pirate Bay conviction

(AP) -- Wearing bandanas and waving Jolly Roger flags, hundreds of supporters of file-sharing hub The Pirate Bay demonstrated on Saturday against a Swedish court's conviction of the Internet site's organizers.

Apr 19, 2009
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MySpace hopes to turn free songs into needed cash

(AP) -- In 2004, when MySpace was still getting going, recording label executive Courtney Holt noticed that musicians were using the Web site to connect more intimately with their fans, through detailed blogs and behind-the-scenes ...

Apr 19, 2009
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