Archive: 19/02/2008

Ubiquitous broadband, more than optical illusion

Better access to ultra-fast broadband networks in Europe is driving development of a host of new web services, promising everything from video conferencing to internet protocol (IP) television. But “ultra-broadband” like ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Telecom
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Scientists testing oral contraceptives for animals

If you’re a land owner and animals such as coyotes or wild pigs are driving you hog wild, help may soon be on the way to control their numbers in a humane way – in the form of a birth control pill for animals being developed ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in
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Sniffing out insider threats

A rapid way to spot insider threats from individuals within an organization such as a multinational company or military installation is reported in the current issue of the International Journal of Security and Networks. ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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HSP90: New point of view on melanoma of the eye

Ocular melanoma is rarely detected before it has grown large enough to impair vision or to metastasize. This makes it a particularly challenging disease to fight, especially since chemotherapy is not very effective.

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Cancer
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