Archive: 19/02/2007

A new process for making much-sought iron nanospheres

Using a process that creates bubbles as hot as the surface of the sun, chemists are reporting development of a new method for making hollow hematite (iron oxide) nanospheres. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's ...

dateFeb 19, 2007 in
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RNAi shows promise in gene therapy, researcher says

Three years ago Mark Kay, MD, PhD, published the first results showing that a biological phenomenon called RNA interference could be an effective gene therapy technique. Since then he has used RNAi gene therapy to effectively ...

dateFeb 19, 2007 in Genetics
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Cancer cells more likely to genetically mutate

When cells become cancerous, they also become 100 times more likely to genetically mutate than regular cells, researchers have found. The findings may explain why cells in a tumor have so many genetic mutations, but could ...

dateFeb 19, 2007 in Cancer
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