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Male fish turn to cannibalism when uncertain of paternity

A study from the February issue of the American Naturalist is the first to demonstrate that male fish are more likely to eat their offspring when they have been cuckolded during the act of spawning. Moreov ...

Jan 19, 2007
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Ultra-Dense Optical Storage -- on One Photon

Researchers at the University of Rochester have made an optics breakthrough that allows them to encode an entire image's worth of data into a photon, slow the image down for storage, and then retrieve the image ...

Jan 19, 2007
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Researchers discover new class of compounds with novel chemistry

Researchers have discovered a new class of aluminum-hydrogen complexes that exhibits unique chemistry and may one day be used as basic building blocks to create materials for use in alternative forms of energy and high energetic ...

Jan 19, 2007
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Comet McNaught - A First Light Present for STEREO

This image of Comet McNaught comes from the Heliospheric Imager on one of the STEREO spacecraft, taken Jan. 11, 2007. To the right is the comet nucleus, so bright it saturates the detector creating a bright ...

Jan 19, 2007
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There is a dark side to the humble raindrop

A single drop is harmless, but when billions of raindrops fall from a cloudburst onto bare soil they strike like billions of tiny hammers, dislodging tons of soil per acre which is carried away by surface runoff.

Jan 19, 2007
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