Archive: 18/12/2007

Can't find the perfect gift?

Why is it so hard to choose the perfect gift? One reason is that we know less than we think we do about each others' likes and dislikes, and it's worse for things we like ourselves, says a University of Michigan business ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Other
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Intel Opens Fibre Channel Over Ethernet Code

Intel Corporation has released a software initiator package to drive the development of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solutions for the Linux operating system. FCoE is a proposed specification that will allow Fibre Channel ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Software
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How to stay healthy this Christmas

At Christmas it can be hard to stay healthy. The average Christmas dinner contains over 1,400 calories, 70 per cent of the total calorie intake for an adult woman (2,000 calories a day) and over half the amount for an adult ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Health
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