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Shoulder ligament a linchpin in the evolution of flight

Brown and Harvard scientists have learned that a single ligament at the shoulder joint stabilizes the wings of birds during flight. In an advanced online publication of Nature, they explain how this tough ...

Dec 18, 2006
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CSIRO wins transfer of US WLAN court case

A federal court in California has agreed with CSIRO that upcoming US WLAN patent cases brought against CSIRO should be heard in Texas by the same court that recently found in favour of CSIRO against Buffalo companies.

Dec 18, 2006
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Pesticides need sunscreen to beat the heat

A pesticide with a new in-built sunscreen will help farmers beat the heat in crop protection. This means that the bug sprays last longer, as they are protected from the strong rays of sunshine, reports Chemistry & Industry, the ma ...

Dec 18, 2006
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Physics Reveals the Key to a Great Golf Swing

What happens when a golf-loving researcher injures a shoulder and can't play for three months? Rod White, a metrologist (measurement scientist), used the spare time off the course to undertake an analysis that ...

Dec 18, 2006 feature
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