Archive: 10/18/2006

Methane devourer discovered in the Artic

Not lava, but muds and methane are emitted from the Arctic deep-water mud volcano Haakon Mosby. When it reaches the atmosphere, methane is an aggressive greenhouse gas, 25-times more potent than carbon dioxide. ...

Oct 18, 2006
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Thin models do not sell better, according to new research

Despite advertisers defending the use of ultra-thin models by saying that thinness sells, research conducted by Sussex's Dr Helga Dittmar and Dr Emma Halliwell from the University of the West Of England suggests that models ...

Oct 18, 2006
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Physicists boost 'entanglement' of atom pairs

Physicists at the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology have taken a significant step toward transforming entanglement--an atomic-scale phenomenon described by Albert Einstein ...

Oct 18, 2006
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Moon's South Pole: No Evidence For Ice Sheets

Using the highest resolution radar-signal images ever made of the moon – images from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Arecibo Telescope in Arecibo, P.R., and the NSF’s Robert C. Byrd Telescope ...

Oct 18, 2006
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