Archive: 09/18/2006

Uniform tungsten trimers stand and deliver

Like tiny nano-soldiers on parade, the cyclic tungsten trioxide clusters line up molecule-by-molecule on the titanium dioxide platform. One tungsten atom from each cluster is raised slightly, holding forth ...

Sep 18, 2006
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Researchers Uncover a Secret of the Black Death

Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes plague, is a sneaky little intruder with a remarkable ability to evade the body’s immune system. Upon entering an organism, Y. pestis employs a variety of strategies to slip below ...

Sep 18, 2006
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Boat paint to blame for Norfolk Broads' desolation

One of the main culprits behind an environmental catastrophe that desolated one of Britain's most important wildlife habitats has finally been identified in a study led by researchers from UCL (University College London) ...

Sep 18, 2006
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Road wends its way through stomach

A computer model or "virtual stomach" revealed a central "road" in the human stomach, dubbed the Magenstrasse, that could explain why pharmaceuticals sometimes have a large variability in drug activation times, according ...

Sep 18, 2006
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Brain's action center is all talk

Neuroscience is tackling a problem that obsessed Hamlet: What is the difference in our minds between talk and action? Less than you would expect, an international research group reports in the Sept. 19 issue ...

Sep 18, 2006
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MIT designs 'invisible,' floating wind turbines

An MIT researcher has a vision: Four hundred huge offshore wind turbines are providing onshore customers with enough electricity to power several hundred thousand homes, and nobody standing onshore can see them. The trick? ...

Sep 18, 2006
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