Archive: 08/18/2006

Why piglets shudder to keep warm

Researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden, have uncovered a genetic reason why newborn piglets are less tolerant to cold than other newborn mammals. It turns out that the gene that codes for the protein UCP1 was inactivated ...

Aug 18, 2006
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How bugs avoid getting sick after sex

Scientists at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich revealed today how the promiscuous Salmonella bacterium protects itself from getting ill after acquiring foreign DNA through "sex" with other bacteria. ...

Aug 18, 2006
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Have you ever seen an elephant... run?

If an elephant is thundering towards you at 15mph you are probably not too concerned with the finer points of biomechanics or the thorny question about whether they are truly running or not. But for researchers, ...

Aug 18, 2006
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