Archive: 08/18/2005

ISS crew begins spacewalk, station unmanned

Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev and NASA Science Officer John Phillips began a spacewalk this afternoon to remove, replace and photograph experiments and relocate equipment on the International Space ...

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U.S. infrastructure found vulnerable

U.S. infrastructure such as transport, agriculture, water, chemical, defense and telecommunications is vulnerable to terrorist attack, a government agency says.

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Fibonacci series on microstructures

It is a big challenge for materials scientists to produce highly ordered micro- and nanostructures in a designed pattern with uniform size and shape. By controlling the geometry and the stress upon cooling, CAS researchers ...

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Satellite Discovers 1,000th Comet

One thousand comets have been discovered to date using the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft. The SOHO spacecraft, a joint effort between NASA and the European Space Agency, has accounted for approximately ...

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Breakthrough in high-temperature superconductivity

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen have made a major breakthrough towards the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity. Results from studies of a crystal structure of a new chemical compound containing copper ...

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Fibre optics to conquer undersea exploration

Undersea exploration and monitoring of natural resources is set to be revolutionised by acoustic sensing technology using fibre optics developed at ANU. The technology is 100 times more sensitive than current techniques and ...

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Encouraging more women in science and technology

Specific strategies to overcome bias In order to remain technologically and scientifically competitive in an increasingly global society, the United States needs all the brainpower it has. Currently however, a significan ...

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Supernova 1987A: Fast Forward to the Past

Recent Chandra observations have revealed new details about the fiery ring surrounding the stellar explosion that produced Supernova 1987A. The data give insight into the behavior of the doomed star in the ...

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iPod -- the most popular incentive

The iPod Mini has become the top "motivational" or "giveaway" electronics product of U.S. corporations and small businesses, says trade magazine Incentive.

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Company eyes 100 Mbps digital TV

Broadband Physics has demonstrated a 50 Mbps digital capacity in a standard television channel and expects to boost that to 100 Mbps.

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