Archive: 07/18/2005

Designing for New Dimensions

Rensselaer researchers reach for new heights with 3-D chip technology The past 40 years have seen great advances in computer technology, largely involving the size and speed of the circuits that process and stor ...

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Intel Itanium 2 Processors Get Faster Bus Architecture

Intel Corporation today introduced two Intel Itanium 2 processors which deliver better performance over the current generation for database, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning and technical computing applications.

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Foiling e-document hackers

A worker sends an office colleague an e-mail with a corporate document attached, but the seeming routine message turns out to harbor a malicious passenger, because the attachment contains hidden pornographic images that were ...

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Versatel buy-out to strengthen Tele2

Versatel International Telecom confirmed Monday it will be sold to Swedish rival Tele2, finally putting an end to rumors the Dutch company will be sold off to a European telecom group. The Amsterdam company will be sold to ...

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