Archive: 04/18/2011

Yahoo plans to keep search records for 18 months

(AP) -- Yahoo plans to extend the amount of time it retains user search records to 18 months from 90 days. The company says it will consider keeping other types of information about its users for longer durations, too.

dateApr 18, 2011 in Internet
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Office 365 goes into public beta

( -- Microsoft has released its latest product for business, Office 365, into public beta. The program, which is limited in its participants, allows users to try out the new software in exchange ...

dateApr 18, 2011 in Software weblog
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New kid on the plasmonic block

With its promise of superfast computers and ultrapowerful optical microscopes among the many possibilities, plasmonics has become one of the hottest fields in high-technology. However, to date plasmonic properties ...

dateApr 18, 2011 in Nanophysics
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Surgeon resigns leadership post over editorial

(AP) -- A University of Michigan surgeon has resigned a leadership post with the American College of Surgeons after writing an editorial in the organization's newspaper that critics say demeaned women.

dateApr 18, 2011 in Other
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