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Home palliative sedation checklist may ease concerns

Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington DC (February 18, 2010) - Can patients near death safely receive sedation at home, fully respecting their own and their families' wishes? This practice, which is on ...

dateFeb 18, 2010 in Other
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Judge hears Google book arguments; no ruling soon

(AP) -- Supporters of Google's effort to create the world's largest digital library on the Internet told a federal judge Thursday that it would benefit society, while opponents said it would infringe on copyright protections ...

dateFeb 18, 2010 in Internet
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New findings may help patients with deadly kidney cancer

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) researchers have found a way to reverse resistance to sunitinib, a treatment that is currently the first line of defense against clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC), a deadly form of ...

dateFeb 18, 2010 in Cancer
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