Archive: 12/17/2007

Protecting Future Hard Drives

The newest iPod can store every episode of The Simpsons that ever aired and still fit into an Altoids can—and the next version will hold more data in an even tinier package. Consumers have a voracious appetite ...

dateDec 17, 2007 in Nanomaterials
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Follow that prawn

A new study from the University of Leicester reveals that prawns can be used by fish species to find the best places to eat.

dateDec 17, 2007 in
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Protons - Everything Revolves Around Spin

Current understanding of the spin structure of protons has been summarised in a single book for the first time. The book examines attempts to solve one of the greatest puzzles of physics. Models and experiments ...

dateDec 17, 2007 in General Physics
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Is a New Solar Cycle Beginning?

The solar physics community is abuzz this week. No, there haven't been any great eruptions or solar storms. The source of the excitement is a modest knot of magnetism that popped over the sun's eastern limb ...

dateDec 17, 2007 in Space Exploration
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