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Regulatory role of key molecule discovered

Discovery by Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers of an additional role for a key molecule in our bodies provides a further step in world-wide efforts to develop genetic regulation aimed at controlling ...

dateSep 17, 2009 in Biochemistry
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Chemobrain -- the flip side of surviving cancer

One of the most problematic side effects of cancer treatment, chemobrain - a range of symptoms including memory loss, inability to concentrate, difficulty thinking and other subtle cognitive changes following chemotherapy ...

dateSep 17, 2009 in Cancer
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Oracle shares slip after 1Q revenue disappoints

(AP) -- Shares of Oracle Corp. slipped in premarket activity Thursday after the information technology company reported sales fell below analyst expectations in the latest quarter, showing that businesses ...

dateSep 17, 2009 in Business
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Vaginal Orgasm is Best According to New Study

( -- A new study by Stuart Brody and Petr Weiss suggests vaginal orgasm is best and that sex education and medical approaches might undervalue its benefits. It also asserted the major factors in achieving vaginal ...

dateSep 17, 2009 in Other weblog
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Endothelin-1 inhibitors in chronic pancreatitis

Fibrosis is a key feature of chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The extensive deposition of extracellular matrix proteins fosters the development of an exocrine and endocrine organ insufficiency, and accelerates ...

dateSep 17, 2009 in Cancer
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