Archive: 08/17/2006

Mystery of Quintuplet stars in Milky Way solved

For the first time, scientists have identified the cluster of Quintuplet stars in the Milky Way's galactic center, next to the super massive black hole, as massive binary stars nearing the end of their life ...

Aug 17, 2006
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Hubble Sees Faintest Stars in a Globular Cluster

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered what astronomers are reporting as the dimmest stars ever seen in any globular star cluster. Globular clusters are spherical concentrations of hundreds of thousands ...

Aug 17, 2006
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Spinal cord bridge bypasses injury to restore mobility

The body's spinal cord is like a super highway of nerves. When an injury occurs, the body's policing defenses put up a roadblock in the form of a scar to prevent further injury, but it stops all neural traffic from moving ...

Aug 17, 2006
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