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The Web: Home-sales rules changing

Is it going to be harder in the future for you to buy, or sell, residential real estate over the Internet? Some experts think so. In interviews with UPI's The Web column, real-estate agents and lawyers say new regulations ...

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View from the Top: E-Commerce grows up

[B]Do search engines make online shopping easier? [/B] Many industry watchers consider this year as the 10th anniversary of e-commerce. Internet access is now nearly ubiquitous in the United States with rapidly proliferating hig ...

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Nanotechnology under the microscope

It has been hailed by some as a revolutionary science — and by others as a threat to mankind. The technology which spawned fears of unstoppable 'grey goo' taking over the planet and inspired the bestselling Michael Cri ...

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Tampa Bay Becomes "Smart Bay" With Well-Placed Sensors

A demonstration in July in which scientists and engineers from the University of South Florida placed sophisticated, small, rugged sensors at strategic points in Tampa Bay and downloaded data from them wirelessly illustrated ...

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